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Der Raum der Toene Museum fuer Kommunikation Nuernberg

Sound, Pictures, Writing and the Internet

Der Raum der Toene Museum fuer Kommunikation Nuernberg
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The Museum for Communication – together with the DB Museum (the Deutsche Bahn AG corporate museum) – is located in the building which once housed the ‘Royal Bavarian Transport Museum’. The roots of both of these museums go back to the 19th century. Even after the German Reich was founded in 1871, the Kingdom of Bavaria retained control over the railway, postal and telegraph services in its own territory.

Since 1995, together with its companion museums in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, the Nuremberg museum has belonged to the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunication. The permanent exhibition is displayed on approx. 1300m², with a further 450m² available for temporary exhibitions.

The permanent exhibition focuses on the main theme of human communication. Visitors can enjoy a series of fascinating displays showing many original objects ranging from signal instruments to exhibits on the history of telephoning and the development of the media, dialling exchange equipment, historical vehicles, historical computers, and archaeological finds illustrating the culture of writing. Media stations explain how children learn to write or how a Chinese typist can cope with a typewriter with several thousand characters. The displays also include many hands-on exhibits.

Museum for Communication Nuremberg

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